Crocheted throw


Good morning!

It has been so long since I last posted, but I have a few excuses for my absence.

I did however manage to complete another little crocheted lap throw, and my one kitty…Romeo absolutely loved it as he hung around with this one, so into his kitty bed it went.

I actually need to make my throws much larger, but they won’t be one continuous granny type square as the more you go on with it, it becomes wonky and yes even so each row is turned.  Below is a couple of pictures….




Make with Stylecraft yarn a Dk, so very soft, works up nicely and washes up like a dream.

Kitties as you know will nap just about anyplace they please, but since I added this throw to Romeo’s kitty bed, he is in it every afternoon.




What has everyone been up to??  How is your weather??

I have been off Facebook for nearly 2 months now, do not miss it at all, however I keep in touch with a few people through messenger, which you won’t loose and through Instagram.

I am an avid reader so I am at the library every two weeks and read nearly a book a day…I say nearly because I have friends where I live that visit, or I visit.

I have been out at the pool, always fun and relaxing.  I situate myself under the sky high cluster of 7 palms and enjoy the sound of them when the wind blows, like how the trunks bend and sway in the gentle wind and imagine the traffic as waves…gotta have an imagination!  Lol!!  I am too far inland for trips to the beach anymore and the traffic on the roads are a nightmare so not fun spending too much time driving and stuck in traffic.  Miss the days of a 20 minute drive….

Very hot out today, air on over an hour ago and everything is nice and cool inside.

I have been to a couple of church functions and outings,  nice people and uplifting.

No cancer noted for me via last CT Scans and blood work but still on Rituxan therapy for the two years per my Oncologist…keeps the bad cells at bay she says… having a mammogram done today late afternoon…that is once per year for me even so some say everyother year.  I don’t mind really….until I get there!  Lol!!

Well let me know what you have been up to and I am going to carry on with my day!






Crochet lap throw

Good morning, happy Sunday!

I managed to complete an entire small lap throw from yarn that was given to me by a neighbor, so many different shades of the yellows and oranges…so this is what I made with what I had…..


I made my own border for something different



It actually was quite pretty when it was completed.

They were all Red Heart yarns, and I find that yarn to be a bit scratchy for my liking and for the lap throws I want to take in to our local nursing home at the end of the year, so this particular little one went to my neighbor’s little dog…Jessie!  Jessie’s mom washed it up pretty for her.

Today, I am working on those that I have started until I have no more of the Stylecraft yarn left….need to order.


On another note:

May 1st I am taking myself off of Facebook.  I have a blog, I am with Instagram.  I have been with FB for sometime and I think it is simply time to leave.  I posted a message with links to my blog and Instagram so if friends want to visit…by all means!  🙂

It seems to me and I know this is 100% true coming from me….that when my darling little Rose had to be put to sleep, things changed for me.  They just did.  They did in the way that my little family is missing a member, and nothing else seems to matter that I see anymore.  Does that sound weird?  I hope not, it is truly how I feel.  While I am doing well and fine and the worst of mourning is over, things are simply not nor will they ever be the same.

My boys are well and fine, HoBo was injured by something outside and recovering, just has a mild limp while he is healing.  I think a possum may have bitten him.  Thank goodness HoBo had his shots….my neighbor loaned us some vet approved wound care and that has helped quite a bit.  I will be adding it to my order this next month….apparently with an indoor/outdoor kitty…good to have on hand.

Romeo is doing well no incidents at all he is strictly an indoor kitty.


Well, I am going back to my crochet!  Have a lovely, lovely day!!


Spring and rain


It is the second day of Spring, and it has been raining all day today in Southern California.  I do think just one more day of rain is on the weather app for this month before April begins and the weather begins to warm up.

I love the rain, the sound, the smell of it, it is magical and always desperately needed.

Tuesday I worked out in back pulling all of my weeds, raking and turning the soil. I planted morning glory seeds from my plants of last season…a deep pink or red color, and marigold seeds from my marigolds of last season.  I am hoping my dear HoBo…male indoor/outdoor kitty doesn’t dig up my seeds…he was helping me every step of the way with my work and when I was digging, his hands were digging too.  He watches everything I do!  Lol!

11078198_426441507524212_5209330377449482265_n (2)


I picked up Rose’s tiny cedar chest with a little golden lock and key, her name on a golden plaque on top, a beautiful card and a small round very smooth cement plaque with her hand print from my vet’s office last week.  When the tech handed it to me, I couldn’t help crying and had to sit in my car for awhile to clear my eyes to drive us home.  I loved her so very much, it has been a difficult time for me but I am doing much better.

My Women’s Bible Study class and Women’s Ministry class that follows was absolutely perfect today with so many wonderful ladies.  Many activities and special events will be taking place beginning tomorrow at the church.

Easter is a very meaningful time.

Sunday I was baptized, fully immersed and in tears so I know the Holy Spirit was with me.  I was baptized as an infant, but as an adult I wanted to be baptized in the church I now belong to.

I do pray everyday and many times through out my day for many people in need of prayer.  It fills my heart with much love to do so.  I have many friends that pray for others too and it is very helpful to those in need of prayer for many issues that may be of worry or concern for them.

Thank you for stopping by to visit me, I hadn’t posted for awhile as I was so distressed over my little Rose, I wasn’t even on FB for a while, and normally I am to visit my friend’s pages and posts.  So yesterday I posted my crochet project and with this post today, I feel ready to carry on.

298645_677a7 (1).jpg1

Crochet granny square lap throw WIP


I have started yet another crochet granny square; WIP with the colors of Autumn.

A huge stash of yarn, all colors was up on my porch when I pulled in from church a couple of weeks ago, and so I decided that I had better move on to another granny square lap throw until I can order more of the Stylecraft yarn for a couple of other lap throws I am working on.

This lap throw is being made with Red Heart Yarn, and will be nice and sturdy with frequent washings.

All of my lap throws will be going to the nursing home in my city and I hope to have lots of them made up so when I distribute them before Christmas, I leave no one without a pretty throw.

Each throw will have a nice border too, and a nice way to finish off your throw anyway.

Tip:  To keep your granny squares from becoming wonky, turn the piece over at every new color.  This may look wonky but it isn’t,  I have my square laying over things on my table so that may give it the look of wonky, but no wonky!

Have a go with your left over yarn stash, they are fun to make!!

Sandy ❤



I was finally able to take my cat Rose in to see her vet this morning, our appointment was at 11:00 and we got right in.  A little after 11:00, she was put to sleep.

Rose had cancer in her right lower jaw bone and it was’t a pleasant site.  I had no idea how much she was suffering with her cancer.

Rose is in a better place now, I asked Rose to look for me someday when I am in heaven because I will be looking for her.

Rose was a very special little lady and one in which will always remain with me for the rest of my life.

I had her on baby food and the last three days of her little life she couldn’t eat.

It has been a rough month, waiting to get paid to take her in, many prayers asking for a miracle, but God knew best.

She will be cremated and I will have her ashes with me always and forever.



Rest in peace, such a dear precious little soul I will always love you.