This week will be busy for most of us anticipating family and friends to join us in celebration of Easter.

I know I will be busy all this week as well as over the weekend with many special events being held at my church.

Have a very blessed and happy Easter ❤


Spring and rain


It is the second day of Spring, and it has been raining all day today in Southern California.  I do think just one more day of rain is on the weather app for this month before April begins and the weather begins to warm up.

I love the rain, the sound, the smell of it, it is magical and always desperately needed.

Tuesday I worked out in back pulling all of my weeds, raking and turning the soil. I planted morning glory seeds from my plants of last season…a deep pink or red color, and marigold seeds from my marigolds of last season.  I am hoping my dear HoBo…male indoor/outdoor kitty doesn’t dig up my seeds…he was helping me every step of the way with my work and when I was digging, his hands were digging too.  He watches everything I do!  Lol!

11078198_426441507524212_5209330377449482265_n (2)


I picked up Rose’s tiny cedar chest with a little golden lock and key, her name on a golden plaque on top, a beautiful card and a small round very smooth cement plaque with her hand print from my vet’s office last week.  When the tech handed it to me, I couldn’t help crying and had to sit in my car for awhile to clear my eyes to drive us home.  I loved her so very much, it has been a difficult time for me but I am doing much better.

My Women’s Bible Study class and Women’s Ministry class that follows was absolutely perfect today with so many wonderful ladies.  Many activities and special events will be taking place beginning tomorrow at the church.

Easter is a very meaningful time.

Sunday I was baptized, fully immersed and in tears so I know the Holy Spirit was with me.  I was baptized as an infant, but as an adult I wanted to be baptized in the church I now belong to.

I do pray everyday and many times through out my day for many people in need of prayer.  It fills my heart with much love to do so.  I have many friends that pray for others too and it is very helpful to those in need of prayer for many issues that may be of worry or concern for them.

Thank you for stopping by to visit me, I hadn’t posted for awhile as I was so distressed over my little Rose, I wasn’t even on FB for a while, and normally I am to visit my friend’s pages and posts.  So yesterday I posted my crochet project and with this post today, I feel ready to carry on.

298645_677a7 (1).jpg1

Crochet granny square lap throw WIP


I have started yet another crochet granny square; WIP with the colors of Autumn.

A huge stash of yarn, all colors was up on my porch when I pulled in from church a couple of weeks ago, and so I decided that I had better move on to another granny square lap throw until I can order more of the Stylecraft yarn for a couple of other lap throws I am working on.

This lap throw is being made with Red Heart Yarn, and will be nice and sturdy with frequent washings.

All of my lap throws will be going to the nursing home in my city and I hope to have lots of them made up so when I distribute them before Christmas, I leave no one without a pretty throw.

Each throw will have a nice border too, and a nice way to finish off your throw anyway.

Tip:  To keep your granny squares from becoming wonky, turn the piece over at every new color.  This may look wonky but it isn’t,  I have my square laying over things on my table so that may give it the look of wonky, but no wonky!

Have a go with your left over yarn stash, they are fun to make!!

Sandy ❤



I was finally able to take my cat Rose in to see her vet this morning, our appointment was at 11:00 and we got right in.  A little after 11:00, she was put to sleep.

Rose had cancer in her right lower jaw bone and it was’t a pleasant site.  I had no idea how much she was suffering with her cancer.

Rose is in a better place now, I asked Rose to look for me someday when I am in heaven because I will be looking for her.

Rose was a very special little lady and one in which will always remain with me for the rest of my life.

I had her on baby food and the last three days of her little life she couldn’t eat.

It has been a rough month, waiting to get paid to take her in, many prayers asking for a miracle, but God knew best.

She will be cremated and I will have her ashes with me always and forever.



Rest in peace, such a dear precious little soul I will always love you.


Facial drawing

Good morning!

I have been thinking about a mixed media project because I have some of the things I could use while waiting to gather others, so this morning after coffee and my kitties down for naps I sketched up my very first facial drawing with a simple pencil and quite rough.  However I feel I have the idea even so she is imperfect, it is just a practice sketch.

I plan to fine tune and pay more attention to getting things drawn out better when I am ready to begin my project.

Here is my roughly sketched drawing


Dark lines around her mouth and eyes make her look harsh…I certainly don’t want that in my next attempt….lol, but at least I have a pretty good idea for placement of features.

The most important part of the exercise is that I had fun and wasn’t overly picky about getting it right for a first time attempt.

Would love to read your comments!


Hummingbird syrup recipe



Hello!  Much warmer today and watered all plants, pots and trees, tomorrow after church I will be pulling some tiny and annoying weeds, and raking up fallen orange tree leaves.

Just made up a batch of fresh hummingbird syrup for the one feeder I have out front, and a most popular one!

For one feeder; 2 cups of water, boil it and add 1/2 cup of sugar.  Stir until dissolved, let cool before you refill your feeder!

 I use C&H because it is pure cane sugar and not beet sugar used in off brands or store brands.

To make a larger batch if you have two bird feeders; the measurements are four cups of water to one cup of sugar.

Make up what you need to handle your feeders….for every four cups of water, one cup of sugar….let it cool, and you can refrigerate your syrup for up to one week.

I clean my feeder out completely before I refill because any sun at all creates mold and too during the summer or a hot season in Spring the sun turns the sugar into sugar alcohol so you want to hang your feeders out of direct sunlight and change them daily pretty much to keep visiting birds healthy.

Store bought ‘red syrup’ is harmful to the birds insides.  Please refrain from using it.  It is far more satisfying and healthy for your hummingbird visitors.

They are so much fun to observe and my indoor kitties love to watch them from the window.

I hope you will be enjoying a lovely weekend!  Until next time….

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